Shanghai Shan Zhuo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leader in science and technology, the pursuit of excellence, specializing in large and medium-sized series of mining machinery manufacturer, the main production Shanghai crusher, crushing equipment, sand equipment, mill equipment, mineral processing equipment, drying equipment , Gravel production lines and other heavy machinery and equipment. Company design - R & D - production - sales - after-sales service of modern high-tech enterprises, the company is located in (Shanghai) China Pudong New Area, 528 Chuan Wang Road.


First, thank you for choosing our company's products. Shanzhuo company since its inception, in the mutual trust, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development concept, the product quality has been positioned as my company to participate in the core of market competition.


According to product quality requirements, the company has established a regular staff quality training system, learning new knowledge and new information of quality management, establishing a sense of quality for every employee, standardizing their own behavior, as small as a screw, as large as a complete machine To meticulous, excellence. Quality assurance departments established a standardized inspection procedures, with sound detection methods, and in strict accordance with the rules of inspection, quality inspection every aspect of the product, not to let a substandard products factory.


On this basis, we also make the following commitments for you: Where the company for our products, we will be in accordance with the contract documents signed by both parties to do a good job in product after-sales service, as follows:

    1, Since your company uses the date of our products, our company will provide on-site after-sales service at any time, to ensure timely and accurate treatment of on-site faults;     2, in the contract between the two sides stipulated in the warranty period, the user in the normal use of this product when non-human damage quality problems, our company provides warranty;     3, During the warranty period, the following conditions will be implemented paid maintenance services;     (1) Damage that occurs due to man-made or irresistible natural phenomena;     (2) Failure or damage due to improper operation;     (3) Failure or damage due to product modification, decomposition, assembly.     4, the national 24-hour free hotline 400 to provide telephone counseling services.     My company's services: integrity, innovation and collaboration     My company service objectives: to provide customers with quality products 

Sales network

The company has a special after-sales service department, all over the country's market unified management, unified deployment, and in some provinces and cities with specialized service outlets, to provide users with high-quality, efficient pre-sale technical guidance and after-sales service. In the event of failure of the machine within 24 hours to arrange service personnel to provide quality services, and provide customers with the relevant technical guidance. Company Law by customer is God, the service to the eternal purpose and dedication to provide our clients with better service.