Medium speed mill introduced from many aspects

Medium speed mill introduced from many aspects

Medium speed mill automatic adjustment reducer can be arbitrarily adjusted to ensure the smooth operation of medium speed mill, automatic adjustment reducer Its role is linked with the medium speed coal mill dragon, it has a fixed speed rotary knob To control the speed reducer, it also ensures that the motor driven medium-speed mill, because the previous reducer unstable coal, you can not know the circumstances under the coal is too large, too large Case of medium-speed pulverizer pulverized coal more, the motor running difficult long-term will lead to motor damage, serious will directly burn the motor.

Medium-speed coal mill slag removal system needs mill mill slag outlet flange the following replacement as a whole, in the coal mill under the speed of coal mill design with a prepared two dedicated slag valve; Slag valve Design a sealing cover, the cover design of the material installation interface, under the cover design with a special seal ring rubber structure; seal cover the lower space dedicated electric lifting and sealing compaction mechanism; ground design positioning mechanism; stone The coal box is designed as a movable stone coal box. During the work, the positioning device and the lifting seal locate and enhance the pressure. The stone coal is transported by manpower.
Slag discharge system in the whole process of working in the sealed state, the form of safe and convenient, basically eliminate the leakage of slag discharge system and dust problems workshop to achieve safe and civilized boiler production system. The system has an interlock function when slag discharge, effectively protect the safety of field staff. The effective volume of movable stone coal box is large, and when the amount of stone coal is large, the number of discharges can be greatly reduced, thereby avoiding the air leakage and powder leakage caused by frequent jamming and abrasion of the slag discharge door and prolonging the service life of the slag discharge door , Reducing the number of start and stop of medium speed pulverizer due to slagging system failure, improving the reliability of equipment and reducing the workload of maintenance personnel.
Medium-speed mill technology is the use of materials in the high-speed airflow under the effect of access to huge kinetic energy in the smashing chamber caused by high-speed collision between the material particles, severe friction, while the high-speed air flow material shear effect, so as to achieve crushing The purpose of the material, it can process raw materials into very fine powder (<10μ m). The technology is used in almost all fine processing industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, coal gangue, mining, metal materials, etc., and occupies a special position in many specific powder fields.
Medium-speed coal mill and power unit should be installed securely. If medium-speed mill long-term fixed operation, it should be fixed on the basis of cement; if medium-speed coal mill is mobile operations, the unit should be installed in the seat made of angle iron, and to ensure that the power machine and the medium speed mill Coal pulley pulley in the same plane of rotation.
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