Crusher particle strength factor

Crusher particle strength factor

Shanghai Shanzhuo Heavy Crusher particle strength factors, the role of crusher internal stress before it occurs significant rheological brittle failure to achieve the ultimate strength, the particles showed easy to crush. The plastic particles can see the obvious rheology, and the structure is not easy to produce significant damage. The energy consumed by the rheology is converted to heat and released, and the particles appear to be hard to crush. Under repeated action of external force, the crystal structure inside the particles will appear slack phenomenon, that is, under the condition that the deformation value is maintained, the internal stress will gradually disappear and the stored elastic energy will be converted into heat Increase the temperature of the crushing zone. It is known that the shear stress acting momentarily helps to shorten the rheological process of the particles and thus overcomes the macroscopic "viscosity" of such particles, reducing the temperature inside the pulverizer and accelerating the comminution process.

Material pretreatment, the development of internal lattice defects is an effective means to improve the efficiency of crushing. Within the range of plastic deformation, the strain first develops along the sliding surface occupied by the crystal structure defects. As the humidity in the crushed area increases, the mobility of the interface atoms increases and some expanded defects will heal, which is not conducive to the crushing process. Remove the heat from the crushing zone in time to reduce the temperature inside the crusher and improve the crushing efficiency. Shanghai Shanzhu Heavy Industries cyclically coincident with the role of high frequency, the strength of solid particles will be reduced, which is cyclical load caused by fatigue failure of particles along the structure of the weakest where the rupture. Vibrating mill and high-speed impact mill to complete the ultra-fine grinding mill is the use of this principle. The finer particles are smashed, the higher the frequency of action, high-energy ultrasonic pulverization and dispersion is the same reason.

The actual strength of the particles is related to their size. As the particles become smaller and smaller, the crushing difficulty also increases sharply. Our crushing process is mainly to develop and produce structural defects, and the smaller the particle structure defects, the less the body strength. The actual limit of the fineness of the grinding is about hundreds of nanometers. Further crushing is formed and developed in almost the ideal crystal structure and new defects are undoubtedly needed, which undoubtedly consumes huge energy. This article comes from Shanghai Shanzhu Heavy Industries, a professional manufacturer of crusher.

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