How to Reduce the Cracking of Cone Crusher Cone

How to Reduce the Cracking of Cone Crusher Cone

Cone crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, product size uniformity, suitable for crushing and crushing various ores, rocks. The work of the motor rotation through the pulley or coupling, cone crusher drive shaft and conical crusher cone in the eccentric sleeve under the action of a fixed point around the week for swinging movement. So that the crushing cone crushing wall from time to time and sometimes away from the fixed in the adjustment sleeve on the mortar wall surface so that the ore in the crushing chamber continue to be the impact of crushing and bending the role of ore crushing.

 Cone crusher maintenance or improper installation, it will lead to dynamic cone or eccentric sleeve appears skewed, so that the bottom end of the spindle pressure sleeve by the thick side of the inner wall of the tapered sleeve to produce cracks, so that the machine can not operate normally. The following is how to reduce the cone crusher cone crack method for your reference.
1, reduce the phenomenon of over iron. It is advisable to set a binocular iron sorbent before the conical crusher feed opening to remove the smaller iron first to reduce the burden on the iron removing cart and reduce the failure rate.
2, even to the mine. Cone crusher try to drive when the mine is full, when the feed should be uniform, can not suddenly big suddenly small, such as the transformation of the machine to the mine equipment, cancel the feed inlet in the bin after the installation of a rail so that the ore red Bounce into the distribution tray after reaching the rail.
3, the implementation of vibration reduction plan. For example, there is also a rubber gasket between the conical crusher spherical bearing seat and the contact plane of the frame, so as to greatly reduce the vibration of the entire machine. There are many benefits to the crusher gear, moving cone and eccentric sleeve.
4, to strengthen the lubrication system. Such as the dust control, prevent entry into the lubrication system, cone cone crusher damaged, should be done to eliminate the assembly of the cleaning system of pollution caused by the lubrication system; while strengthening the management of thin oil stations, sealed to strict, filtered Always change
5, adjust the gap. When installing the main shaft, it is necessary to adjust the clearance between the main shaft and the tapered bushing on the upper and lower mouths according to the regulations, so as to prevent the cone-shaped bushing from cracking.

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